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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 14, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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are getting ready for their second debate... a town hall-style forum on tuesday. and good times for san frano baseball fans. the giants are gearing up for the natil league championship series. weather ad libs it's 8:30 a-m on this sunda, the 14th of october, 2012. d morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. there s a lot to talk about in our net hour... (cha will recollect to cbs 5 eyewitness news. it is 8:30, the 14th of october, sunday. >> we have a lot of new to get
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to. first and front and center is the presidential debate coming up this week. so, what is next forern. >> yes. no shortage of opinions. we will hear what people have to say breaking it down in the studio. >> and it is a big week in san francisco because we have the playoffs. that is always news, with everything from the commute to commerce. meanwhile on the presidential side, president obama and republican rom are gearing up for their second debate on tuesday. >> yes, it will be going on in new york. we have the latest on the race. >> reporter: paul ryan tailgated with football fans in ohio, while mitt romney rallied supporters. the republican team was across the key battleground states saturday. >> we need ohio. if we get ohio we can take back america. >> reporter: the stakes are
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high. no republican has won the white house without a victory in ohio. at a rally in portsmouth, romney told the crowd he sees the enthusiasm growing. >> when i am president, i will save the american family and get good jobs for every american. >> i bet on american workers and engine newt and three years later the bet is paying off in a big way. the president arrived in virginia saturday as his campaign announced a fundraising milestone. they said 4 million people have donated money for president obama's re-election bid. the president will spend the next few days cramming for the debate. romney had the boost in the first race. president obama has pledged to
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be more aggressiveny round 2 tuesday night. cbs news. >> and you can watch tuesday night's second presidential debate on cbs 5 at 6:00. it will be a town hall style enforcement allowing people to ask questions about -- format allowing people to ask questions able foreign and domestic policy. well, we see so many commercial issues, reaching out directly to people before they head to the polls. >> this election is very, very important. >> that is one point we can all agree on. the rest of it from proposition to presidents, not so much. that is why the california democratic party set up a day of action today going door-to- door to educate voters on the issue. >> when you go out there and say this is important, i should know the issues. i really think it is effective. >> reporter: it is a strategy
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the republicans are employing too. >> it is really a combination of getting stuff in the mail, seeing what is on tv and the direct contact that brings it all home. >> reporter: with such a wide array of decision to be made, we spoke with a lot of people on the street who have not yet made up their mind. >> i still have a lot more investigating to do. >> i am still reading on some of the propositions. >> reporter: but most people we spoke with don't. >> i think it is rude and bad when people are trying to sway us. it is a really personal opinion and everyone is entitled to that. >> i feel i am intelligent enough to make up my own mind. >> reporter: still door-to-door campaigning won't end any time soon. >> in the final analysis it does improve turnout, so, for now we are stuck with this system and we will see what the future holds. >> a lot of people when they were going going around knocking on doors were not even answering doors. you could tell they were home,
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too. cars in the driveway, music playing inside. >> two statements about politics and how people are in the nation right now. somebody is knocking on my door, forget it. you are not selling me anything. >> yes. >> or it could be dangerous. all right, the days of chatting with your neighborhood or down the street with something or someone with a clipboard about to ask you for money. >> yes. you never know. my policy is don't answer. meanwhile, in international news. >> yes, the taliban. there is a young girl they have been attempting to silence, a 14-year-old girl and it has done is exact opposite. hundreds of schoolgirls in afghanistan are rallying behind this girl. the taliban admitted to shooting her five days ago. the teen was attacked for helping other girls to go to school. she was shot in the threat but still recovering and many have expressed to still kill her.
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at home, a couple of men and two cats manage to get out of their house alive after the fire goes up in flames. it started at 4:30 in the afternoon. a car caught on fire and the fire spread through thest of the house. luckily no one was arrested. and in san jose, a string of suspicious fires like this one earlier last week began in september yesterday. investigators staking out the area caught a 56 year old woman in the act of setting a large garbage can on fire. last night's fire was the 11th in 18 days in the burr bang district. here is a little good news. california gas prices are coming down but still sky high. a gallon of regular unleaded average is at $4.56 in san jose, $4.64 in san francisco and in oakland $4.60 a gallon.
8:37 am says these prices are $0.06 to $0.11 less than a week ago. well, a hot match up with the cardinals and giants. businesses around the stadium are anticipating an uptick of customers similar to what happened two years ago and fans say it overall feels good around town. >> it is doing great things for san francisco. you can see in the store here and out and about. for these guy to do what they can do in cincinnati and at home, hopefully they have a good seven games ahead of them -- well, hopefully not zen. >> when it come to -- seven. >> when it come to torture, it could be seven. tonight's game gets under way at 5:15 and tomorrow's game at
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5:07. the news isn't that good down the south bay, however, where it could be a lot longer before the city of san jose experience is in the economic benefits from another national hockey league season. the player lockout is now nearly a-month-old for the league. negotiations between the owners and player's association may start up again tuesday. the two sides did negotiate last week but only focused on secondary issues like drug testing and not on the real issue on thousand to divide the money brought in. the nhl has canceled all games until october 24th, including the entire pre-season and the first three days of regular season as well. 8:38 now. well, not as slow as watching paint dry, but much more fascinating. >> just ahead, the space shuttle endeavour, the latest on the spacecraft's grand tour of los angeles. >> and women in the bay area on the run. the cause that got them out as we speak.
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>> and good for them. as we start out with foggy skies and fog in the bay area, and where they go from there will be the subject of the weather when we come back after the break.
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miles above earth, hoping to make a . all right. we are looking at live pictures right away. there will be an attempt to break a world record, break the sound barrier. extreme athlete felix baumgardner started his atent to 23-miles above earth and then he is going to jump. >> and what we have here is a view from way up high as they are on their way up to -- what is this, more than 20-miles. >> 20-miles above the earth. >> he is going up in a pressurized pap skull pulled by a 5 story helium balloon supposed to take three hours to climb through the stratosphere. he will jump into a near volume area up there with no oxygen to
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begin with. expected to be the fastest and furthest free fall from the highest point ever maned in a balloon. >> yes. good luck to him. we will check in with him throughout the next hour. >> one long jump for man. >> breaking the sound barrier with your own body. it will be interesting. >> meanwhile the space shuttle endeavour is doing the opposite. it is on the ground and moving at a snail's pace to its final destination. >> a live picture of the shuttle right now moving along the streets of los angeles, moving very, very slowly and expect to arrive at the california science museum at exposition park later on this morning. and the endeavour did run into hurdles yesterday on its trip through los angeles. the rig carrying the shuttle had to undergo maintenance, taking longer than expected. there were a lot of physical obstacles along the shuttles wingspan like building edges and tree that is they had to
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skirt around. >> that is pressive. people lined up to see it. it makes you feel good. >> the controversial thing. they had to remove hundreds of trees from the streets. >> it shows people are interested in space travel and science. something you may want to relay to washington. >> i don't know why so many people wanted to turn out, though, because it was the last time they could see something like that. >> yes. now they have spacex, so, that help, but it is amazing this country that really got us to the moon, which was the ussr, because we are engaged in this race to get to the moon, now we are dependant on russia to get us there with man and supplies. >> it cost as lot of money. >> but it got a lot of kids interested in math, science
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and engineering and we could use that now and we don't have it. let's go over to the discussion table! can we talk about this? >> yes, the weather. >> it is a science, too. >> absolutely. temperatures are in the 50s in the bay area. 54 degrees in santa rosa. san jose is 61 degrees. patchy fog and drizzle you can see how foggy it is. there is your shot. a foggy start to sunday. that is the view from the transamerica pyramid. sunshine, warm and near 90 degrees inland by midweek. we will, however, have to dispense with this persistent marine layer as low pressure moves in and high pressure weakens a bit. as this trough moves in over california, we will see high cloud this is afternoon and evening making for a pretty sunset when the low clouds clear. fog and sun. temperatures warm into the mid 70s inless than. cool and overcast for much of the bay area. temperatures in the mid 50s
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today. futurecast bear this is out. you can see the low clouds pulling back to the shore by midday and movie back in toward sunset. there are the high clouds coming in. tomorrow morning we will be talking fog and low clouds again during the cbs morning news. mostly sunny skies for the area on monday. if you are heading out of san francisco for monday, a high of 72 at the airport. new york is thunderstorms and 72. pinpoint forecast for the bay area, in the south bay morgan hill comes in at 80 degrees. mountain view at 74. campbell 76. sunny veil 74 and 76 in antioch and 82 at brentwood. pleasant hill is 80. livermore is 80. pleasanton is nice and mid 70s. in the north bay santa rose starts with fog, ends with 77. oakland 72 degrees today.
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the five-day forecast will have numbers warming to near 90 degrees inland by thursday. we will get there by just 5 degrees. temperatures will be in the mid 70s. along the coast we will be in the mid 60s this week. we will keep the warm numbers inland through next weekend. >> and not a sign of rain in the forecast? >> no. it looks like it will -- well, october can often get a little offshore flow. we will. it will keep everything offshore at least for the next ten days. >> let's not talk about that yet. >> let's talk about the presidential election a little more. president obama and mitt romney running neck and neck. a lot of polls showing romney coming up. >> that is right. such a close race how did thecan in the vice-presidential debate come across last thursday. did it have any influence. that was the coffee talk all this week so we put the question to san francisco mayor
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willy brown and the chairman of the republican party. here it is. >> people are dependant because they don't like bi- partisanship. joe biden was way to partisan, laughing, smearing. that doesn't help. the debate has been about his attitude and all the gasps he made like i didn't vote for it or the lies he told. >> i think joe biden had to demonstrate clearly that he was superior on the knowledge side with reference to international relations. he did so. as a matter of fact mr. reince got smaller and -- ryan got smaller and smaller at the person conducting the interview or being the moderator asked questions. it was clear that joe biden was far superior to paul ryan. >> i may take away in talking to people subsequent to it, it reinforced what you felt going in. if you were inclined to go democratic you thought you got a bolster. if you were inclined to go
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republican you said ryan held his own. so, the focus will be tuesday night before that we go to the top of the ticket. you invited mayor brown and mitt romney to come in swinging and knock him off his game. he did that. >> yes. he has to continue that process, demonstrate he was superior in the delivery system in the first debate mr. obama has to crawl out of a very deep hole. >> but mitt romney will be facing a talent hall rather than the structured debate setting. he is not very good on his feet. >> well, we will see. i don't know about that. he was go on his feet for 90 minutes. i agree with the mayor. he has to continue moving ahead. he shouldn't it is on it and get more specific in certain areas, talk about the keystone and what not. he should have answers to everything that was said the last time, new answers -- not
8:49 am
new but emphasize different -- . >> tuesday's debate is rather than being one on the last debate so tied up in numbers and in the weeds as far as tax and deficits. i don't think the public understood what they were saying but paying attention to how they were saying it. this debate they could be asked about immigration, gay marriage and a whole variety of issue that is could take a different attack. >> maybe, but he has to push forward and have answers for those things. obama is ready for the last debate now. he is to forge ahead like the mayor says and make obama react to the new issues. >> what does the president have to do? >> he has to show he has the skills and ability to engage in an interchange with a person who is really pressing and pressing hard anatases do so in a presidential way, not just the new theory way. >> what was lacking you thought
8:50 am
in his presidential prep performance last time? >> energy, knowledge, interest -- he looked board bored completely. he looked indifferent. he didn't respond to the missed allegations made by mr. romney. he has to be able to do all of that in a setting while at the same time maintaining his superior personal relationships with the people. >> well, it reminded me of looking at the watch. didn't seem like he wanted to be there or that was important enough. that was a big first impression for people. how do you feel about our problems today. so, when he goes into this new town hall setting, he has to do what the mayor says. he has to directly relate to the person answering the question and be able to respond to whatever romney says. we will see if he can do that. i am confident romney will. >> on both debates you get around town from doormen to millionaires, you get around quite a bit. and you as well.
8:51 am
with people's reactions when asked about the debates, was it on substance or on style. >> on style was the first item on each one of the person's responses. they didn't talk about whether or not there was anything to do with medicare. they didn't talk about foreign policy. they talked about style, how he looked and delivered. >> each time we talked about this three or four time, me and the mayor, we wondered whether they realized there were split screen, that being obama. it matters a lot how you appear to people. not only good, bad or indifferent, but the truth of the matter people want to like the person they are voting for and think the person likes them. quite frankly the president didn't do well at that and i don't think biden did, either. they want to know if you can work together with people, not smear at them. >> biden's duty and responsibility was a wee bit different. >> that is true.
8:52 am
>> the fate of the democratic party was so down. biden needed to uplift them and he did so. >> i am surprised at the heavy emphasis on foreign policy in this debate, as well. they started out with it talking about benghazi and it put the vice president at a disadvantage in a lot of times you lead off with the news of the day. there was a congressional hearing going on and the benghazi controversy. so, yes, and that is what you put on the defense in a debate. that is in nature of news when you are in the office. you don't plan the news. it happens around you. but some people put a lot of work into planning this morning, right? >> yes. thousands of women on the run. when we come back, we are talking about the cause that has these athletes doing a half marathon as we speak. we will be right back.
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here's kim coyle. there are 20 thousand womene on the streets of san franco right now.
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it's the nike women s maratn to raise money for the leuka and lymphoma society. the race kicked off around n this morning. it's the world's largest marathon. it . there are 20,000 women running in san francisco this morning. >> yes. it is if nike's women marathon. it started at union square. the third largest marathon in the country. it will be ending at the great highway at golden gate park. we are taking a live look at the returns. women who finish get a bracelet from tiffanies. >> it is quite a scene. i have been there a couple times as they come rolling out. and in other news, live as we speak, a sky dive like no one as attempted before. the actual dive has not started, but the climb has. we will show you one man who
8:58 am
made an effort to make a deaf defying leap into the record books. >> and a bay area man attending college in southern california is doing something unthinkable. we will let you know about the prize he one for that shot, the shot of a lifetime.
8:59 am
9:00 am
hoping for the best... as tr team embarks on the next rod . san francisco baseball fans
9:01 am
are hoping for test when as their team embarks on the next round of the playoffs today. >> yes. a contest of a much different kind going on tuesday. mitt romney and president obama headed for round two in a series of debates. >> and the weather department, we are starting out with fog and low clouds. that will change later in the day and week. we will have the forecast in seconds. well, the time is 9:01. good morning. i am phil matier. >> and i am anne makovec. we are glad you are starting your sunday with us. we have a lot going on. a big sports day with the giants at at&t park and the 49ers down at candlestick today. >> and the presidential debate on tuesday, which in this neighborhood is considered a sporting event. >> absolutely! we will be hearing from our local prominent bay area politicians about that. but first, let's take a look at something unusual going on. this is an extreme athlete
9:02 am
and this is tape from earlier as he is preparing for what is going to be a sky dive that is supposed to break the sound barrier. bell the first guy to ever do this. >> he is going up in the balloon, pumping up the balloon that will take him 26- miles above roswell, new mexico. he is in the space suit because he is going to try to break the sound barrier and do the height and speed as he drops down the parachute. >> it will take about three hours to get to the height he is going for, 23-miles in the air. then the defense will begin -- decent will begin. this will be the fastest, furtherrest free fall. >> the balloon taking him up, the distance is 55 stories between him and the capsule. that is rather amazing.
9:03 am
he will drop. he says if he has successful on this, it will with his final chute. >> i could be that being final. he will be so high there will be no oxygen in the air. this has been a long time coming. they have been planning for this for some time as you can see. we will continue to monitor it for you. >> that is good. meanwhile back on planet earth -- . >> yes, equally as exciting or mother so if we may -- more so if we may say, game one of the giants taking on the st. louis cardinals at at&t park. yesterday they held separate practice sessions on field. bees around the stadium are -- businesses around the stadium are anticipating a uptick in customer, similar to what they saw two years ago and fans say it is a good feeling all around town. >> it does great things for customers. if they can do what they did in cincinnati and bring it home, they will have hopefully a good
9:04 am
seven games ahead of them, hopefully not 7. >> we will see how many games we need to beat them. games one and two will be played in san francisco and also games six and seven if necessary. the game gets under way at 5:15 and tomorrow's game at 5:07. the news isn't as good in san jose, because it could be awhile longer before the city gets any of the good money that may come from another nhl season. the player lockout is nearly a- month-old, and that means no short games. the negotiations between the league and player's association are expected to start up tuesday. while both sides negotiated last week, they only focused on secondary issues like drug testing and not on the key question of how to divide up revenue for the league. the nhl canceled all games until october 24th, including the entire pre-season as well as the first three games of regular play. well, a couple in clayton and their two cats managed to
9:05 am
get out alive after their house goes up in flames. the fire on blue oak lane started at 4:00 yesterday afternoon and if couple's car caught fire in the garage and the fire spread throughout the house. nobody was injured, luckily. and an arrest after a series of arsons in san ozone. a spring of -- san jose. a string of arsons like this began in september. investigators caught a 56-year- old woman in the act of setting a large garbage can on fire. last night was the 11th and 18th in the burbank district. >> and a woman was shot twice during a confrontation with police. officers tried to pull over the woman in rio vista yesterday morning. she backed her car into a squad car and took off so the
9:06 am
officers followed. when she wouldn't stop, they opened fire. she was taken to the hospital where she has been treated, released and arrested. a judge is expected to rule on whether a 18-year-old san rafael man will stand trial on felony, accused of stealing a $200,000 lamb guinea belonging to chef guy ferarri. president obama and romney have spend the last days campaigns. romney was in the battleground states of ohio. and president obama's campaign announced a fundraising milestone. it says 4 million people have donated money to the president's re-election effort. you can watch tuesday night's second presidential debate
9:07 am
right here on cbs 5 eyewitness news. the coverage in new york begins at 6:00 p.m. it will be a town hall style enforcement, asking feel ask their own questions about foreign and domestic policy. we have been showing you this morning this stunt so dangerous no one has tried it before. >> and another update on a man's effort to plunge to a new world record. >> and president obama and mitt romney are gearing up for presidential debate number two. more on that. >> and we are starting out with foggy skies on this fine sunday morning. that will change and the numbers mostly in the 50s. we will have the full forecast after we pay these bills.
9:08 am
9:09 am
brian hackney - thank you. we are starting out with cloudy skies in the bay area. the forecast is coming up in a minute.
9:10 am
. 10 minutes after 9:00. a lovely day around most of the bay area. >> numbers around the bay area mostly in the 50s right now.
9:11 am
that will exchange. near 80 in some of the warmer spots inland. down the 680 corridor patches of fog. we will look for the low cloud to roll back to the shoreline later in the day. in the meantime in san jose, 50 degrees. oakland 59. and the headlines in the bay area, if you want to talk fog, this is what it looks like from transamerica pyramid. sunshine and warm later. we will hit 90 degrees inland by midweek. low pressure now is getting ready to move into western canada. trailing behind it and packing in high clouds moving through the bay area late this afternoon and tonight making for a pretty sunset, these for places to get sun. low clouds near the shoreline by evening. foggy and sunny for the bay area. this is the forecast and the number this is morning are bearing that out. mostly in the 50s, fog and cloud, clearing up in the next couple of hours inland, rolling back to the shoreline later in the day.
9:12 am
future-cast is bearing all this out. low clouds pop by noon. watch them pull back by this evening and high clouds follow it all later tonight. a pretty sunset and sunrise for the gang tomorrow morning on cbs 5 eyewitness news. at this time. 85 degrees in sacramento. 86 in redding. 60 in eureka and 66 in yosemite. if heading to the hills, it will be nice. and mostly sunny at ffo, high of 72 degrees. low of 61. thunderstorms in new york city and 72. denver has 75 degrees and sunshine for tomorrow. sunny in los angeles, too, if you are heading down to the southland. pinpoint forecast for the bay area, 75 in santa clara. 77 for san jose. the home of apple computers 74 in cupertino. sorry, just apple now. vallejo 82. brentwood 82 as well.
9:13 am
livermore 80. same for duplin. north bay mid 07s. santa rosa start with fog and ends with sun. and simpson beach, not a bad beach day in the 60s. numbers will be looking to warm into the mid 80s inland this week. yes. 87 degrees by wednesday and evening warmer than that on thursday. the bay will be in the 70s. a pleasant week ahead in the bay area. by friday we will peak at 91 degrees. >> wow! >> that is october for you. >> so, things are heating up? >> yes. and we are also heating up on the presidential campaign! how is that? [ laughing ] >> yes, tuesday president obama and mitt romney facing off in a second of three debates. >> and the stakes are high with national polls showing the race is essentially tied. >> but how accurate are the polls in the first place?
9:14 am
with we have more. >> no, i don't buy the polls. i never did when i served in public office. i had the polls for instructional purposes but not the decide. they gave me an idea on how i could move things a little bit, but not win or lose. >> do you get a feeling in this presidential campaign that it is being poll driven, that they are testing the questions and there and testing the positions out there and trying to deliver them now? >> well, look, campaigns do that all the time. i look at poll to see trends. if polls move in a decided direction i believe like we have now i believe there is that direction. i think most of the polls prior to the last debate used the 2008 turnout model for democrats and republicans. this race will be much more even. >> do you think so? >> when it come to the turnout. >> i think the democrats will win or lose on the basis of the
9:15 am
turnout. i don't think the republican message being send by romney and ryan attracts daks as such democrats as such, but they energize republicans of young belief. obama and his administration has not energized their constituency. biden's performance was playing to the constituency. they need to energize the constituency, not persuade new voters. >> so, that is what we have seen in the last couple of elections. you start out with america sharply divided, democrats and republicans, and it becomes a question of turning out your sorrow vote and getting a few undecided to go in your category, right? >> yes. we have this major division. the winner of this race is the person who kips enough independents in swing state that is he has a plan to move
9:16 am
forward. not an ideology to move forward, but a practical solution to people's lives. if you have gas prices, you build keystone or not and that is how romney will win it. >> obama has a little advantage, however, because the new voters are there. in the last cycle, 2008, obama turned out vote -- voters turned out in greater numbers among latino, african- americans, among young people more than than they ever had before. it was phenominal what occurred. he need to reenergize that group. he needs to reignite that group and he would not have to worry about anything else if he could do that. >> do you get the feel that the campaigns are geared toward that? >> well, i think right now where you see romney-reince are ryan are in good -- romney-ryan are in good shape.
9:17 am
romney now need to push ahead and forge ahead. he has to provide additional solutions. what reagan did down the stretch to win, he got more specifics. if romney it is on the lead and plays roosevelt like obama did in the last debate taking the punches and hoping he can emerge, that would be a big mistake. >> but if you say what you can do, that can bring in the attack, right, mayor brown? >> that is true but he has to do it. >> that didn't fuel the other side, but in this case it is really about whether or not the obama operation which was incredibly superior in 2008, the ground campaign by the obama operation was unbelievable. >> i remember that. >> if they can do that again it won't matter what romney does. it won't matter what message comes out. it will be that group of people that went from door to door, starting an ending in new york and winning for obama.
9:18 am
>> if they continue to have this rally, teleprompter, fundraiser troops they have where it is all about money and tv, you don't think it could go the other way? >> unless there is a hid andres iniesta infrastructure on the grass roots side that is really going on -- i don't current will you see it. you can best see it, though, in nevada and colorado, where it is in fact needed. they are doing okay on that ground operation in ohio. >> this will be one lost on the ground? >> it usually is, but it is the intensity aspect for the democrats because the republicans are far more into this race. >> intensity gap for the democrats and information gap for the republicans. >> you lack intensity and you lack specifics, okay. [ laughing ] >> look, he got ahead being specific in the last debate and he has to keep that momentum up. >> all right. well, it will be interesting. it will be tuesday night here on cbs 5. >> still to come, a focus on the national political scene away from the presidential
9:19 am
race. >> that is right. we will take a look at some insight into the all important congressional races, which actually have as much to do with how with president runs washington. and a change in power in house and senate? >> and ahead, students with remarkable accomplishments and what they are getting at a reward. we will be right back. on the best brand-name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ we call this our mission.mpany, green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand.
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the battle for control of te house and senate has been overshadowed. i spoke with joe garofoli ie san francisco chronicle... t . with so much attention focused on the presidential race, the house and congressional race have been overshadowed. >> why. we look at that. here is what is at stake on capitol mill. >> it looks right now the house is going to remain in republican hands and the senate will remain in democratic hands on capitol hill. but the house leader nancy pelosi was in town this week talking up the idea that they will retake the house. with that path it came through california. >> she said that. she literally went through the country talking about how she can retake the houston and
9:22 am
california being a part of that, that is not going to happen. inspect analysts have said the drive to 25 which she talks about won't happen. the house will remain in republican control. >> and the senate is going to remain -- in. >> in democratic control largely because of the big comments of congressman akin in missouri and women in forcible rape. >> so, the overall dynamic, what do we get, this continued gridlock? >> four more years of gridlock! both of these party, republicans and the democrats don't move a little toward the center with largely the same characters in charge, where is the compromise coming from? where are these two parties that are being -- butting heads, drawing line in the sand -- where will it come together. >> what i don't understand and the american public doesn't understand, what is the line in the sand?
9:23 am
we are talking fraction of inches. they agree on more things than they disagree on. they both do different forms of bailout. they both speak out of both left sides of their mouths when it come to wall street and neither one has a clear answer for any of america's problems in the world. >> no. they don't. they are rooted in their ideological bases and they are afraid to move out of those, so, we will have four more years of people shouting at each other. >> no matter what they prose, remember, if you can't get congress to go along with it, it is called gridlock. we will be back in a moment with an update with something that is completely opposite of gridlock, a sky diver attempting a world record. >> we have been watching it all morning. we will check in on this guy getting are the to make his decent. we will be right back. ,,,,
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
taking place way above new . well, let's check in on our daredevil right now. climbing up and expected to make it up to about 23-miles into the air and we are taking a live look right now as i believe the balloon that is carrying him up there. >> that is the capsule that is going up over new mexico where mr. felix baumgardner will drop out of the capsule and descend to the earth in a parachute in the hope of breaking a sound barrier, setting a new record and landing safely, by the way. he will try to do that, as well. >> this guy has been sky diving for a long time. he says this will be his final feat. we will see how he does. the climb should take three hours. it started around 9:00. he should be up to his 23-mile height around noon our time. all right, other top
9:27 am
stories we are following today, the san francisco giants have a big game tonight, opening up the national league championship series at at&t park. the first game against the st. louis cardinals starts at 5:17. there are a loft eateries and watering holes around the stadium expecting an uptick in busy. >> and the space shuttle endeavour is approaching its destination to the science museum in los angeles. there is a shot. there have been a few problems along the way. trees blocking the wingspan as it moves through the street, but a big turnout to say good- bye. a last look at 2 forecast? >> a nice weekend. fog and low clouds to start, but that will change as the day goes on. it will be a-okay in san jose, 77. 79 in fairfield. 80 in livermore. 65 along the shoreline. we will warm to the near 9 # degrees range in the extended forecast. a warmer week ahead staying
9:28 am
true through next weekend. >> sounds good. i still have one question on endeavour. that thing landed at how many miles an hour at edwards airforce base and they can't get it through l.a. any faster? >> even the space shuttle gets stopped by lights! [ laughing ] well, take a look at this college student who is the proud owner of a new car after he sank an unbelievable basketball shot. >> take a look at this youtube video. >> this is from san francisco state's midnight madness college basketball event. he makes the half court shot and the crowd goes wild! as you can see, he won a new set of wheels, a new toyota pickup truck. >> that is right! there he goes on that one again. he also get's the moment in the youtube world for the rest of his life. >> thank you for joining us this morning. go giants tonight! we will be watching and again
9:29 am
we will be back here next sunday morning. >> have a great day all you runners out there and would-be runners, as well. this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head. our blessed hope, jesus christ, the author and the finisher of our faith, will keep us safe. get excited about your future. if god is in your future, you have no limit in your future.


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